Training sessions and workshops at your salon


Keep your staff's skills up to date and make it easy for your new staff to learn new skills

Successful salons take the training of their team very seriously. At Diva Academy we know how difficult it can be to schedule training for your staff around running a business.

All of our courses can be conducted on your premises so that you can maximise your staff's time and get the most out of this investment.

Our flexible approach allows us to focus on those techniques that make your salon unique so that your staff leave the training confident with the skills your customers want.

Benefits of In-Salon training from Diva Academy of Beauty

1. Quickly introduce new services. Give your staff the training and confidence to expand your offering.

2. Retention - Keep your staff by investing in their future

3. Lower costs - In-Salon training with multiple staff discounts is a cost effective way of enhancing your training program

4. Effective - Avoid disruption to your business by scheduling training to suit your needs


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