1 day Course

Hair Extensions cut and colouring



This is a 1 day accelerated course which consists of:

  1. Colour and cut course for hair extensions Course includes but is not limited to : Consultation
  2. Basic colour theory
  3. Colour wheel
  4. Eliminating unwanted tones
  5. Colouring hair extensions
  6. Covering grey
  7. Covering re –growth
  8. After hair care and recommendations
  9. Scissor techniques to achieve different haircuts.
  10. Razor techniques for hair extensions
  11. Asymmetrical haircut

Hands on learning and practice

1.    Colouring of Hair Extensions

2.    Cutting and Shaping Hair Extensions

Our Hair Extension Cut and Colour course includes:

  • All materials and tools required for the course
  • Certificate of Achievement

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