Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions have always been the exclusive offer of Australia's top salons... why?

So really why would people pay over $2000 in a salon for Keratin Bond Hair? (Don't worry our Keratin Bond Hair extensions are a better quality at a fraction of the price!)

Here are the benefit of Keratin Bond Remy Hair Extensions

  1. Keratin is a protein that your hair is made of 

  2. Extensions are individually placed and bonded to hair with the keratin protein giving a free flowing natural look

  3. Remy hair is smooth shiny soft and feels strong

  4. Keratin bonds feel like an extension of your own natural hair not like an artificial attachment

  5. Keratin Bonds are virtually undetectable, you can't see the bond if stylist has placed correctly and if you keep some volume on top of hair they are not noticeable even when wet or tied up

  6. Out of any of extension methods used Diva Divine Keratin Bonds are the easiest to style with the most natural look achieved 

  7. Our Remy Hair won't matte with proper maintenance, our quality is guaranteed

  8. If you have thin fragile, coloured hair, then you should have keratin bond as is a lot more gentle on your hair

  9. Our Keratin Bonds are not too heavy and don't tug on hair.

  10. Keratin Bonds blend in well and are not going to cause damage

  11. Once installed you will get 5-6 months of wear out of Div Divine Hair, just pop a few extra pieces in every once in a while to freshen your look

  12. Little to minimal loss with removal and no breakage.

  13. No sticky residue

  14. Our hair, if correctly installed and removed will be in the best condition it has ever been in with this system

Of course proper installation and the best quality hair is always important! Our hair is amazing, is really does feel like your own hair.